Saving time and improving quality

The CommonSense suite is a web based system for better communications - growing your skills and knowledge to deliver better results while reducing costs.

Available as hosted service or an in-house fully managed solution, the CommonSense suite delivers rapid business quality and efficiency benefits.

CommonSense works with your existing infrastructure so there's need to change your phone, email or CRM systems - just think of CommonSense as an upgrade to make everything your already have work better!

Knowledge Library

The core of the system is the CommonSense proactive knowledge library. The library coordinates all your information including internal documents, networked drives, internal and external web sites and SharePoint™.

Security and version control support your need for robust and trusted access to the latest information.

Analytics and intelligent tools monitor every interaction, looking for gaps and new demands to ensure you're delivering the right information to the right people.

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CommonSense supports email, SMS, web, paper and fax to become an efficient gateway for sharing and distributing information to colleagues, partners and customers.

Every interaction is recorded to give you a complete view of every communication.

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Every question is a chance to shine. Imagine capturing enquiries to understand your customer better - and having a powerful library of best practice responses to answer them quickly and effectively.

CommonSense delivers that power to everyone reducing the need for expensive training and skills.

Powering responsive and intelligent customer service - so efficient that you can afford to deliver the support customers need.


People are your most expensive and valuable resource. CommonSense isn't a static file store - it's an interactive system that learns from people.

Feedback, discussions, suggestions and ad hoc questions all build new information to ensure you only answer questions once.

These channels capture less formal knowledge turning it into a new high value resource for everyone.

Intelligent Analytics

CommonSense intelligence is a unique tool that monitors every interaction to maximise value.

We look for trends, new demands and changes; giving you insight to the needs of your community. Insight that drives improvements and the growth of your business.

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